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Our photographic and cinematic philosophy balances contemporary with traditional, where fashion, fine art, photojournalism, and vintage appeal come together in perfect harmony. When words fail to describe the beauty of a moment, cinematic imagery takes its place. Our expertise and creativity culminate into imagery that captures the whole story and the genuine emotion. We are outside-the-box thinkers who know how to find and capture the magic.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in Murietta, Jason and Tamara took the plunge at an unbelievable location. We had the privelege to shoot their day and it was major fun times! The location was quite remote, and we had to take a fun windy road to get there. Large signs led the way to their venue. The property itself is gorgeous; we couldn’t have asked for a better landscape or backdrop to work with!


When we hung out with Jason as he suited up, we couldn’t help but notice “I believe in a thing called love” by the Darkness being looped over and over again on his iPhone. It was cute! The property owner is close friends with Jason’s parents and happened to be a floral designer as well. Check out the bouquet!


We’re experimenting with textures on a few pics so comment us on whether you love it or hate it. =)


Orange County Wedding Photographer - TJ.png


The signs to Tamara & Jason’s wedding:


 Jason’s Iphone playing “I Believe in a Thing Called Love”:


Tamara’s beautiful shoes:


The rings:


The Garter:


 The adorable dog:


Tamara getting her make-up done:


Check out this lovely bouquet:
What a dress!!!
And the most handsome ring bearer:
Jason’s brother helping him get ready for the big day:
And now Tamara’s turn to finish getting ready:
Tamara’s Dad walking her down the staircase to the Ceremony:
Jason’s face as he first saw Tamara walking down the aisle towards him:
Jason and Tamara during the ceremony:
The Ring Exchange:
“And you may now Kiss the Bride”
Temecula_Wedding_Photography_ Bride_Groom_ Kiss.jpg
Mr. & Mrs. Rider!!!!
Congratulations Tamara & Jason!!!!!
  • Kira says:

    I don’t like the texture on the last one. The sky is very beautiful and blue to add anything to it, especially “old film” look because the picture itself is way too bright to look old. It might work if you make it black and white or sepia, but I really don’t like it on this version. I think the picture is such a nice shot it can stand alone.

    (October 4, 2009 at 11:21 pm)