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Wedding Planning | Live Music

Many of our lovely Jessica Elizabeth couples are in the midst of planning their Summer 2015 weddings. So we thought we’d share a special offer from live music specialists- Del Lago Trio !

If you are looking for live music for your ceremony, cocktail hour or special event, check out the Del Lago Trio. They are offering $100 off for all summer weddings and events (based on availability).

This trio performs a variety of music from Bach to the Beatles, including jazz standards, tangos, music from movies and more!

Live Music Orange County Trio Jessica Elizabeth Photography Wedding-RWT_0529_-w

As photographers and artists we never want to stop learning. Every year we take several workshops and attend photographer’s gatherings where we can all learn and teach each other about new techniques and tools and experiment new concepts. Yesterday we had the privilege of joining an Orange County photo walk organized by Jason Groupp of WPPI. A huge thanks to Jason for putting this all together. A thank you to our friend Mark at PROtog Rentals for providing gear for the shoot. And a thank you to our friends and colleagues Joe and Mirta of Barnet Photography for letting us join their demonstration on lighting techniques, and for bringing the lovely and talented model Kim Daniels.  Thanks Kim- you rock!

For any of our colleagues looking for workshops to attend this year, check out Barnet Workshops– Joe and Mirta are fantastic instructors and mentors, and we can’t thank them enough for all of their support over the years.

Also big thanks to Shoot Dot Edit, who hosted a dinner for all of us hungry photographers after the event.

Here are a few photos from this San Juan Capistrano Photography shoot. Most of the photos were taken on the Nikon 70-200 2.8 which is available for rent at PROtog Rentals for anyone wanting to test it out.

San Juan Capistrano Photography Jessica Elizabeth-JET_0754-01_-w

San Juan Capistrano Photography Jessica Elizabeth-JET_0774-02_-w

San Juan Capistrano Photography Jessica Elizabeth-JET_0810-05_-w

San Juan Capistrano Photography Jessica Elizabeth-JET_0831-07_-w

San Juan Capistrano Photography Jessica Elizabeth-JET_0780-04_-w

San Juan Capistrano Photography Jessica Elizabeth-JET_0844-08_-w

San Juan Capistrano Photography Jessica Elizabeth-JET_0865-10_-w

San Juan Capistrano Photography Jessica Elizabeth-JET_0878-11_-w

San Juan Capistrano Photography Jessica Elizabeth-JET_0882-12_-w


If you are interested in having Jessica Elizabeth Photographers document your wedding or special event, please email us at or give us a call at 562-201-9494.

How to Find “The” Dress | Trying on Gowns

Maggie Sottero Wedding Gown


Gown by: Maggie Sottero 

Purchased at: The Dresser Bridal Couture

When you’re dress hunting, it’s good to bring photos of the types of dresses you are looking for, so that your bridal stylist can get an idea of the look you are going for. But be open minded and don’t be afraid to try dresses that are different. You might surprise yourself and find an amazing dress!

Bring shoes that are about the same height as the shoes you plan on wearing for your wedding day.  If you already have your wedding shoes, even better! Bring those.

If the gown doesn’t fit you just right, make sure to get an estimate on the cost for alterations so that you can factor that into the total cost of the gown.

A few questions to ask yourself with each gown you try on:

Am I comfortable?  Most brides will only wear one gown on their wedding day. You need to be comfortable enough in it to get through photos, the ceremony, dinner, and dancing.  If the
dress is too heavy it might be hard to stand, walk, or dance in while wearing heels. If the train is very long, get a quote on getting it bustled, so that you can dance in it throughout the night.

      If the dress is A-mazing, but you know you won’t be able to dance and party in it all night, consider getting a simpler yet elegant gown or party dress to change into for your reception.


Do I look gorgeous? One of the most important things in selecting a wedding gown is that you feel gorgeous! Feeling gorgeous in your gown radiates in your smile, your emotions, and your expressions. This translates into a stunning bride and beautiful photographs.

How do you know if you’ve found the one? Well, if you have the dress on and you can’t stop smiling….that’s usually the one.

Any brides who recently found their dress please share your tips on finding the perfect gown by commenting on this post. Thanks! 

If you are interested in having Jessica Elizabeth Photographers document your wedding or special event, please email us at or give us a call at 562-201-9494.