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Our photographic and cinematic philosophy balances contemporary with traditional, where fashion, fine art, photojournalism, and vintage appeal come together in perfect harmony. When words fail to describe the beauty of a moment, cinematic imagery takes its place. Our expertise and creativity culminate into imagery that captures the whole story and the genuine emotion. We are outside-the-box thinkers who know how to find and capture the magic.

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Robert and I like to keep our skills sharp by attending photoshoots and workshops to learn from other photographers, practice new techniques, and keep up with current trends in the photography industry.  A few weeks ago we had the honor of leading the SoCal Photog Shootout for the Three Year Anniversary event!  

We had a wonderful time leading and learning from other photographers and working with the stunningly beautiful Charise.

Thank you Charise for being so patient and fabulous all afternoon- even braving the cold windy weather. You are gorgeous, and we hope you enjoy the photos!
A big thank you to everyone involved in making this event possible. We have a special shout-out to all of you below 馃檪

Orange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-1.jpg

Orange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-3.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-2.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-4.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-5.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-6.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-7.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-8.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-9.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-10.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-11.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-12.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-13.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-14.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-15.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-16.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-17.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-18.jpgOrange California Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-19.jpg

Special thanks to everyone involved in the preparation, planning, and execution of this Shootout:


路 Lead Makeup Artist: Jennette Pulecio

路 Denise Marquez


路 Lead Hair Stylist: Shyan Bailey –

路 David Lira

路 Jade Gallo

路 Jaime Castillo


路 Kaylee Sizemore


Matthew Saville

Paul Schaefer

Kaylee Sizemore

Hanssie Trainor


The Tangled Vine – accessories/styling


Tina Burns

Koko Laimana

Shyan Bailey

Charise Parra

Vanessa Cedeno

Last summer we had the honor in participating in a wedding vendor challenge for Best Wedding Sites.  The challenge was to create and style a Bridal Shower using the colors Yellow and Blue. 
The team consisted of Miriam of Miriam Corona Events, Samantha of Paper Mints, florals and linens from Cristina of Posh Peony Event Design, and the adorable sweets from Eileen at Cucamonga Cakery. Our team had tons of fun running with the challenge and our design even made the cover of the September Issue of Best Wedding Sites Magazine
Since I know many of our brides are currently working on the themes and floral designs for their summer weddings, I thought we would post a little inspiration on this beautiful summer like day in February here in SoCal. This post may also be helpful to all you MOHs (Maid of Honors) out there looking for inspiration for that Bridal Shower you will be hosting soon.
To read more about the details and design of this shoot, check out the feature article here:
Hyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-02.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-04b.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-04c.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-05.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-05a.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-05b.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-06.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-06a.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-06b.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-06c.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-07.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-08.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-09.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-10.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-11.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-12b.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-13.jpg
Hyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-14.jpg
Hyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-15.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-18.jpgHyatt Avia Long Beach Wedding Photography Jessica Elizabeth-16.jpg

Cupid works his magic 365 days of the year. About 15 months ago, Cupid’s arrow struck Aaron and Teri. They met while studying at CSU Fullerton and ever since then, their adoration for each other grow with each day. They’re really cute – a month ago they decided to start a wine blog called, “The Vino Duo“, where both of them write articles on the wines that they try together.
 When Aaron contacted us, he explained that he was so averse to taking photos that he and Teri didn’t have any of each other. This photo session was to be a surprise for her this Valentine’s Day. We met up with them this past weekend in beautiful San Juan Capistrano. If there was any sign of nervousness from either of them, it definitely wasn’t apparent. Aaron and Teri, we hope you love the photos! Now we’re wondering how you will top this one next year Aaron – a different kind of session perhaps…? 

Happy Valentine’s Day!

San Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-01.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-03.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-04.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-05.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-06.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-07.jpg
San Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-08.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-09.jpg
San Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-10.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-11.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-12.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-13.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-15.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-16.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-17.jpg
San Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-18.jpgSan Juan Capistrano Engagement Photography-19.jpg