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Our photographic and cinematic philosophy balances contemporary with traditional, where fashion, fine art, photojournalism, and vintage appeal come together in perfect harmony. When words fail to describe the beauty of a moment, cinematic imagery takes its place. Our expertise and creativity culminate into imagery that captures the whole story and the genuine emotion. We are outside-the-box thinkers who know how to find and capture the magic.

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Jessica & Mark

We have been speaking to Jessica over phone and email for the past few months, and last weekend we finally had the pleasure to meet her and Mark for the first time.  We also got to meet their lovely daughter, Breanna.  
Jessica and Mark are having a lovely garden wedding this June, so we thought a park would be the perfect setting for their mini engagement session.
Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-9.jpg
Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-2.jpg
Rob was inspired by the vintage setting of the park so we infused a little bit of old character into their photographs. 

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-1.jpg

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-12.jpg
Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-3.jpg

Breanna, was so shy at first, but it didn’t take long before she was trying to steal the show!
Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-11.jpg
Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-13.jpg

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-5.jpg

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-15.jpg

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-4.jpg

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-8.jpg
This is Rob’s favorite artistic edit. 

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-10.jpgJessica Elizabeth Photography Engagement Session Orange Wedding-14.jpg

Jessica and Mark, it was so nice to finally meet you!  Congratulations again and we can’t wait for the wedding 🙂

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It’s funny that these nowadays fortune cookies aren’t what they used to be.

I guess they’ve run out of ways to say “Luck will come your way.” Instead, fortune writers are turning to nonsensical words of wisdom like “It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.” …….. WHAT???? O.o

 But tonight, I got a very appropriate note from my little yummy treat. 

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Fortune.JPG

Profound isn’t it?

So since I’m in some weird “Confucius say:” mood, I will write my post in good ole’ fortune cookie fashion…

Some of these are plain and simple, but most have a hidden, epiphanic, mind-blowingWHOA…. type moment, so take the time to think and if you figure me out… AwEsomEnEss! 🙂 Hope you get something out of it!

What does this have to do with photography? well… your mindset and philosophies manifest in your performance and art.


  1. Count your blessings.
  2. If you think you have the most horrible life, just remember that you’re not living in (insert 3rd world country here)  fighting for your own life let alone basic human rights.
  3. There’s always someone out there who will be ahead of you… except if you turn the other direction and pull out a mirror they will always be behind.
  4. Success isn’t tangible. It’s a journey with no final destination.
  5. If you think you’re doing fine, you’re not. If you think you’re doing bad, you’re not.
  6. Everything can be answered by this one equation, E = MC squared…. a child who can say “mom” or dad” knows this.
  7. Failure is when you’ve accepted something is impossible. 
  8. Be  _______________.
  9. A ‘To do’ list… is transactional, but a ‘STOP doing’ list, is transformational.
  10. You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at once.




Happy Wednesday to all of our faithful blog readers 🙂  Rob tells me that I have apparently been “slacking” on the blog writing lately.  I guess that’s because I have so many fun photos to share that it’s hard to decide where to start.

Well, here goes…  Funny story about Robert:
When we first started dating he was basically a computer geek with his fingers glued to the keyboard.  Although I think the Iphone has now replaced the computer as his newest appendage, he has gotten out more since we first met.  Most people that know Robert now, know that he loves outdoor activities, especially surfing and snowboarding. And he always complains that I don’t let him engage in these activities enough.
Well,  just for the record he had never done either of those activities until I introduced it too him. LOL!  
Last week we witnessed kitesurfing for the first time, so I know it’s only a matter of time until Rob takes up his newest outdoor sporting venture.  At least it produces some pretty cool photos.  
Here are a few photos we took near Solana Beach on a Super windy day.  Enjoy!

I love that from this perspective the the kites don’t look much bigger than the seagulls.


But in reality, the kites range anywhere from 27-81 feet!


There were about 15 kitesurfers in the water at a time.  Wish we had the 14-24mm to capture it all 🙁


This wave totally consumed him!


Solana_Beach_2_Kite_Surfers.jpgRob loves the leading lines in this photo.
Solana_Beach_Kite_Surfing_Flying.jpgFor a minute there, it looked like his was about to be carried away by the kite.  I probably would have floated out to sea- LOL.

Solana_Beach_Active_Bluffs_Sign.jpgActive Bluff Failures? Nice and safe!
Solana_Beach_Wind_Surfer.jpgThe lone windsurfer.