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Wow!  How did it get to be Friday already!?!  Did all of you have a fabulous week?

Well, Spring is definitely here in Southern California.  It’s 71 degrees and beautiful.  So, I thought I’d post some photos of springtime florals that will surely get you in the mood for Easter.
Leslie of Pixie’s Petals recently invited me to photograph her floral designs at the El Dorado Park  Restaurant and Event Center in Long Beach.  Thanks Leslie 🙂
Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography_Pixie's_Petals_ Tulip_ Top.jpg
I love the sunset’s beautiful rim light on this tulip bouquet.
Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography_Pixie's_Petals_Gold_Pink_Bouquet.jpgThe gold branches coming out the bouquet make a nice added touch.
Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography_Pixie's_Petals_ Pink_White_Standing_Bouquet.jpg
It was pretty tricky to get this bouquet to stand up.  But I was determined to do it!
Liking the modern design here!
Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography_Pixie's_Petals_ Rose_Heads.jpg
Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography_Pixie's_Petals_ Tulips_ Faded_Tree.jpg
This is one of my favorite photos of the day.
Jessica_Elizabeth_Photography_Pixie's_Petals_ Pink_White_Sun_Flare.jpg
A little sun flare is always nice!
Have a wonderful weekend 🙂