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Our photographic and cinematic philosophy balances contemporary with traditional, where fashion, fine art, photojournalism, and vintage appeal come together in perfect harmony. When words fail to describe the beauty of a moment, cinematic imagery takes its place. Our expertise and creativity culminate into imagery that captures the whole story and the genuine emotion. We are outside-the-box thinkers who know how to find and capture the magic.

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Quick mention: we’re fighting for the #1 spot and we’re sooo close… #2! Please take the time to check out the finalists. But we would appreciate it if you take a couple seconds and vote for Jessica Elizabeth Photography: CA’s 2010

This past Wednesday, the group dubbed PhotogShootout, led by Garrett Davis and Hanssie Trainor, put together a Wedding session at the Long Beach Ebell Club. Periodically, we will attend these events to socialize with new and veteran photographers as well as experiment with techniques. Really, it’s our chance have fun with photography. 

Jessica and I have been really busy lately, but when we heard that the shoot was hosted at the Ebell Club, we had to clear our schedule because we’ve heard some great things about the venue. Even though it was only for a couple of hours, we were glad to have participated for some of it.

Check out some of the images from the shoot. Thanks Garrett and Hanssie for letting us tag along for some of it!
A tribute to fashion photographers: Markus and Indrani. It doesn’t really do them justice, and unlike them, this shot was all natural light

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club by Jessica Elizabeth Photography

The bride’s eyes in this photograph has a wonderful fierceness to them. She exudes confidence and I think that is what’s so beautiful and seductive about her. 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club by Jessica Elizabeth Photography

An allusion to what’s to come. 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-2.jpg

This shot was Jessica’s idea. As the group walked around she said, “Make sure you get the window in the shot.” None of us understood at first, but as I began to frame the image… well, see below. Very interesting composition in my opinion. 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-3.jpg

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-6.jpg

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-7.jpg

Just because it isn’t a beach setting or some surreal, endless, landscape, doesn’t mean that it can’t be compelling, cinematic, just awesome!
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-8.jpg

Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-9.jpg

When editing this one, I was inspired to make a movie poster. Latin Romance… anyone? 
Long Beach Wedding Photography Ebell Club-4.jpg

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This Tuesday, Kerry of de Luxe Weddings & Events and I had the privilege to attend a venue tour of a property in Los Angeles, CA. And let me tell you- I fell in love!

I absolutely love old buildings, ones with lots of character and history: this former Archdiocese Cathedral was built in 1876, complete with Baroque inspired interiors. Check!

This venue was designed using a neutral color palette, so that all the colors and elements chosen in your design and decor will truly pop. A style and desinger’s ultimate playground. Check!

Vibiana’s choir loft is a photographer’s dream because it allows us to capture those bird’s eye view, scene setting photographs without having to climb up a tree or into another hotel guest’s balcony. (Although Rob will do those things for the shot though- If that’s what it takes.) Check!

Vibiana’s carefully placed lighting fixtures throughout the Main Hall and the garden area makes adding up lighting or colored lighting a breeze for your DJ or event design team. Check!

As an added bonus, Vibiana provides a bridal lounge and a groom’s lounge for the bride and groom to get ready along with their bridal party. Yes, the groom’s lounge has a flat screen TV. The on premises day of accomodations are a huge plus because everyone can spend the day together and get ready all in one place instead of rushing around town. This is also a treat for us because we can easily move from room to room capturing photos of all the getting ready activities.

If you decide to do a First Look, we have a few romantic spots in mind already 🙂 There are also several modern and also historic buildings located within walking distance if you would like to do a mini bridal shoot before the ceremony.

This is truly a hidden gem in downtown Los Angeles. I purposely chose to include just a few photos because although Vibiana photographs beautifully, an in person visit will truly allow you to experience all of its granduer.


If you are still searching for an amazing venue, take an afternoon and go check it out. And as they say at Vibiana: “Experience the Divine.”

I owe a big thank you to Anika for giving Kerry and I a first class tour of Vibiana!

Vibiana is located at: 411 South Main Street Los Angeles, CA 90012  Phone: (213) 626-1507



Check out the layers of century old marble that adorn the Grand Stage at Vibiana.

These Baroque columns stand 45 feet tall and contain some of the original painting and artwork dating back to the 1800s.

Standing at the center of the Main Hall of the former Cathedral is quite awe inspiring!


This is one of the rooms available as part of the Bridal Lounge. Sweet!
Once you are finished getting ready in your Bridal Lounge, we’d love to take some gorgeous Bridal Portraits here.  Love the light streaming in through the windows!


Check out this beautiful garden area that can be used for your cocktail hour or an outdoor reception.  At night it will be lit by the lovely LA Skyline.

don’t know about you, but I am so excited that the weekend is finally here!  And this is not just any weekend, but
it’s Mother’s Day weekend.  So… I
thought I would give you an idea for some fun. 

and I recently visited The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, CA, and I have got to say
it was such a nice break.  The
fields span 50 acres of color filled beauty.  How could you go wrong?

Flower Fields
would make a fabulous place to take your mom for a little
Mother’s Day treat.  Oh, and the
Carlsbad Premium Outlets are right next door, if you want to finish off your afternoon
with some shopping 🙂

you are looking for a sweet and romantic place to take your significant other
definitely check out The Flower Fields. 
This is actually the last weekend of the 2010 season. 

all of our brides and grooms, take a break from all the wedding planning this
weekend and head back to nature! 

all the moms who read our blog: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-6.jpg

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-1.jpgYou can actually take Wagon Rides! ($5.00 for adults, $3.00 for children)
Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-2.jpgLoving these soft, warm colors of Ranunculus Flowers.
Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-5.jpgJessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-7.jpg
Such darling bell-shaped blossoms on these Pink Foxgloves.

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-9.jpgJessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-8.jpg
My favorite Tulips are the ones with the Fringed edges.

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Carlsbad Flower Fields-3.jpg

A breathtaking View!

the pricing for The Flowers Fields, if you are interested:

for Adults, $9.00 for Seniors 60+, $5.00 for Children 3 – 10, Children 2 and under free

Hours: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Address: 5704 Paseo Del Norte, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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