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Our photographic and cinematic philosophy balances contemporary with traditional, where fashion, fine art, photojournalism, and vintage appeal come together in perfect harmony. When words fail to describe the beauty of a moment, cinematic imagery takes its place. Our expertise and creativity culminate into imagery that captures the whole story and the genuine emotion. We are outside-the-box thinkers who know how to find and capture the magic.

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     Many years ago, I picked up camera for the first time because my then-best friend, Jessica, attended film school at CSU Fullerton, and I loved to tag along for her projects. I did do my own thing in Biology and Business, but with every step along the way… the film projects, sleepless nights editing, internships, I was there with her, relishing every moment. Jump to 2009 – 6 months in as newlyweds, school debt up the yin yang, we stepped up our game and turned our art into a business.

     Just a few days ago, “Jessica Elizabeth Photography” was honored as one of the Top 20 Wedding Photographers for California. This alone was such a surprise and blessing. It’s always nice to have your efforts recognized and we’re grateful for the consideration.

     What totally and unexpectedly blew us away however, was the amount of support we had this weekend….

Jessica Elizabeth Wedding Photographer.png

     There are TONS of wedding photographers in California. The amount of OC photographers alone probably make up the population in Maine! Many who deserve to be in this poll… aren’t (marketing? idk).  To be in the competitive ranks with some very talented and stylish photographers like Gavin and Erin Wade, Richelle Dante, Ed Pingol, Sarah Chen, and KLK to name a few, is completely humbling and inspiring.

     Jess and I currently don’t have an awesome website… not yet anyway (but I’m totally loving Richelle Dante’s ShowIT site), but we know what is most important. We have and will continue to do what we do best, BE Jessica Elizabeth Photography. There’s so much more to wedding photography than just artistic photographs.  Jess and I pride ourselves in the experience we provide to our clients, our friends. It’s the memories that we try our absolute best to create, and that itself is an art form. The talent we are surrounded with is hot. There are amazing new and veteran photographers that we respect and admire and it is an honor to be amongst them. 

     Whomever you supporters are: friends or family, colleagues or future clients, or readers even,  I want you to know that because of this pleasant surprise, we feel like we’re on top of the world! You inspire us to be better. You inspire us to keep going. We’ve never come close to placing in contests before, and while the polls can change dramatically by end on July 28th you should know it wouldn’t matter to us if we lose. We’re up against some heavy competition. To us, this has been a victory for Jessica Elizabeth Photography. We’re doing something right. And we’ll keep making a difference, one client, one friend, at a time.  Jessica and I want to thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. (The moment calls for cheese! Don’t roll your eyes at the screen =P )

    But hey… it wouldn’t hurt to win. =) 

Please vote for Jessica Elizabeth Photography 

here: bridepop


Voters are allowed one vote per day through July 28th at midnight EST!

Rock on!





It’s funny that these nowadays fortune cookies aren’t what they used to be.

I guess they’ve run out of ways to say “Luck will come your way.” Instead, fortune writers are turning to nonsensical words of wisdom like “It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.” …….. WHAT???? O.o

 But tonight, I got a very appropriate note from my little yummy treat. 

Jessica Elizabeth Photography Fortune.JPG

Profound isn’t it?

So since I’m in some weird “Confucius say:” mood, I will write my post in good ole’ fortune cookie fashion…

Some of these are plain and simple, but most have a hidden, epiphanic, mind-blowingWHOA…. type moment, so take the time to think and if you figure me out… AwEsomEnEss! 🙂 Hope you get something out of it!

What does this have to do with photography? well… your mindset and philosophies manifest in your performance and art.


  1. Count your blessings.
  2. If you think you have the most horrible life, just remember that you’re not living in (insert 3rd world country here)  fighting for your own life let alone basic human rights.
  3. There’s always someone out there who will be ahead of you… except if you turn the other direction and pull out a mirror they will always be behind.
  4. Success isn’t tangible. It’s a journey with no final destination.
  5. If you think you’re doing fine, you’re not. If you think you’re doing bad, you’re not.
  6. Everything can be answered by this one equation, E = MC squared…. a child who can say “mom” or dad” knows this.
  7. Failure is when you’ve accepted something is impossible. 
  8. Be  _______________.
  9. A ‘To do’ list… is transactional, but a ‘STOP doing’ list, is transformational.
  10. You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at once.




Ken Rockwell. Ken Rockwell. Ken Rockwell. You have to know of him already; he’s on every page of Google! (and I have to add, his name is awesome! It rings celebrity all over it… adult film perhaps?) But if you went to you won’t arrive at some photographer’s portfolio trying to sell you on his awesome photography. No, this guy sells his work with words. He primarily uses his site to post camera equipment reviews and does an AWESOME job of doing it objectively. What I love about him the most is that anyone, EVERY type of photographer, can relate to his recomendations. He goes beyond the “yes” or “no”, ‘two thumbs up’ suggestion; he takes the advantages of that piece of equipment and matches it up to who it would be ideal for- That’s what matters the most!


Next week: Nikon vs Canon – I know, that’s like talking about universal health care to republicans, stem cells to republicans, or anything related to sex to republicans… hm, I’m predicting flames in my near future…. so not feeling PC today.



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